Depression in Adulthood is Tied to Mental Pressure in Childhood

Depression in Adulthood is Tied to Mental Pressure in Childhood

Upbringing matters in one's depression, Chains of erroneous values passed in next generations, Affecting Future Relationships, The shadow of Doubt, Understanding the true self rather than walking with the crowd, They are GIVERS to Society

If looking from the bird's eye: the house is the place where children are raised and the end result of theirs depends also on nurturing in childhood. If we celebrate the success of the people, we should make a point of understanding the people who don’t come in the spotlight. The journey of life they are walking is a bit harsher than the next person can smoothly achieve things without any restrictions, rules, and regulations.

Ask the meaning of freedom to a girl who never got a chance to consider her choices!
Ask the meaning of support to a child who never got to choose his dreams!
Ask the meaning of equality to a girl who was married quickly after she hits puberty!

Every person has distinctive choices the life gives them to lead their journey, but what makes them special?

Why some are more successful though they have thorns of troubles stopping them to write their own destiny?

From where these people come where they have seen abusive relationships in the path, though they end up the best father, mother, or best friend?

This all questions crosses to our mind when we some great personality ruling the world by their landmark occupations. And below are the following examples which associated directly with parenting.

Chains of Erroneous values passed in Next Generations:

The male-dominated who is considering the "Boy"- the family’s most invaluable asset, are the only one who devalues and stains society more. The pampering and fulfilling every wish of their big boy rather than seeing the trash they are dumping on people around them by disrespecting, bullying, and fighting with their schoolmates, teachers, and elders. cause they know their parents will always come to rescue them from the horrendous pitfall they have created.

What do you think they will end up being?

Misogynist, Egoistic, Angry,  Self-obsessed, and lists go on.,

Every kid needs love and care, but parents should know when to stop!
The values they give which are gender-centric detriments their thinking into genter-centric roles,

"Maintaining kitchen & Making dinner is for girls"

"Girls will serve the food"

"Boys don’t cry"

"Boys are the breadwinner of the house"

These all trash rules are bypassed by the uneducated,orthodox and superstitious people who only saw black and white in all emotions rather than seeing the different shades of grey. This already had done enough harm in society leading to stressful marriages, depressing childhood for girls, and challenging kids raised with derogatory values.

Affecting Future Relationships:

The burden and emotional toll people carry nowadays affects their future relations name it wife, husband, child. The baggage they carry forward has a very deteriorating impact which can lead to divorce, abusive relationships, stressing mental health affecting their professional life. The luxury of trust, comfort, warmth, and love slowly fades away.

The Shadow of Doubt:

It is well said that

"People sees scars first than appreciating the other good things"

Think about a girl who was labeled as not "Not beautiful" because she is not "Fair shattering her self-esteem in the bias of mere face color. All her life she tries to make her fit in by beautifying her physical appearance, and back of her mind, she always ends up thinking she is rejected because of her facial color in a job in both personal and professional life.

And how some people stand out from all the Macabre Nightmares they have gone through and Surpassing them all by their Endeavors.

There is an insightful story to explain this,

"There were two children of the man who was abusive & alcoholic, both kids grew up seeing him assaulting his mother, curbing the family environment and taking up their blossoming childhood. When both kids grew up, one boy ended up being like his father, and the second kid was just the opposite: Best father, Best husband, and a kind man. When asked him "I know what it feels when you get hurt, depressed and without hope of getting better, I promised myself to never grow up like my father"

"So all things matter mere with the ability of your CHOICE!"

Understanding the True self rather than walking with the crowd :

These traits people are mostly alone, isolated from the people surrounding them at home, school, or office. It is said that,

"The ones who burn and shred most in heat of life carries more confidence inside him"

These people are bullied most from their society for not fitting in norms of social status.

They are GIVERS to Society :

"Pain is the emotion which cultivates the kindness, compassion and connects with the people who are suffering"

Emotions cannot be understood, it is felt from the core of heart.

And some examples prove it:

"The woman who was abandoned by her inlaws and she was homeless for almost a week, and no one was there to support her, She decided at that time to adopt homeless children and till now she is giving them a best education and opportunities to fulfilling their dreams. Her efforts, hard work, and dedication also were recognized by the government giving her the Nobel prize and also provided with funds for her NGO for children."

In Conclusion,

The childhood atrocious incidents are gut-wrenching which becomes a raw nerve that hurts every time someone touches the weak nerve resulting in toxic behavior, frustration, irritation, and anger in both personal and professional relationships. It needs tons of understanding oneself by detoxing self by meditation, reading books, interacting with loved ones, listening to needy ones, and writing down in a journal to be serene and tranquil.